API SIMA Documentation

What can I do with the SIMA API?

Our API is designed so that external systems, such as management systems, can obtain the information collected by SIMA.

You will be able to access transactional data such as monitoring, application orders, tasks, etc. created by SIMA users.

You can also access the different master data stores, such as the list of weeds, insects, diseases, etc.

All the information downloaded has an identifier (id) that you can use to link the different entities and, in turn, homologate with external systems.

How does it work?

Information requests are made through HTTP request to certain endpoints. The information is returned in JSON format.

What are the requirements to connect?

  • SIMA user

You must be previously registered in SIMA and your user must be active.

  • API Key

It is used on each call to authenticate the user requesting the data.